House moves to stop dextromethorphan abuse

House moves to stop dextromethorphan abuse

In the olden days some kids used to chug cough syrup to get high, and apparently they still do. The internet has also heralded the arrival of bulk sellers of raw dextromethorphan. I did a couple quick searches on Google and came up with places to buy and tips for getting high.

The Consumer Healthcare Products Association has been working with the Partnership for a Drug Free America and Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America to try to cut down on the availability of dextromethorphan. Today the US House of Representatives passed a bill that prohibits the sale of bulk dextromethorphan to anyone other than FDA-registered drug and device producers. It sounds like a reasonable idea and I hope the Senate goes along.

I’m hopeful that the dex problem can be addressed without having to take cough medicines off drug store shelves. I wasn’t thrilled to see Sudafed sales restricted even though I understand why it was done.

There’s more information on dex abuse here (check out the animations) and here.

December 6, 2006

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