Small Business Health Plans

Jay Ragley of the National Federation of Independent Businesses makes a good case for Small Business Health Plans and other measures –such as a relaxation in mandated benefits– that would make it easier for smaller companies to provide health insurance.

You can read his editorial in South Carolina’s Greenville News.

December 21, 2006

One thought on “Small Business Health Plans”

  1. Much of what the NFIB is lobbyg for is already possible, probably 99% of it. What most business owners and self employed people fail to realize is that they have access to the same FEDERAL laws as Walmart and GE. The key is to get their accountants involved.

    The State DOI’s are a joke, as are their politics. If everyone really understood their options they’d be very upset with how they’ve all been fleeced the last 20 or 30 years.

    Small business can provide the same benefits they do now, or better, by simply implementing some tax strategy to their benefit structure and insurance plan. And they can do this for HALF the cost.

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