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I’m in London for the weekend after spending the week bopping around Europe visiting pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. I went to the gym –for some reason called the “Leisure Room”– at my hotel and picked up a copy of the UK version of Men’s Health while I was there.

I used to subscribe to the US version when it first came out, and I kind of enjoyed it, despite its somewhat lowbrow appeal. It’s a good motivator for healthy living. Once I read it for a year, though I realized that most of the articles started repeating in one form or another.

The UK version uses a similar formula to the US one: a man with “six pack abs” on the cover, and articles about healthy food, weight, fashion, sex, and relationships inside. I did notice a couple of differences: more emphasis on stopping smoking and reducing drinking (more of a problem over here, it seems) along with some female nudity that would be too risque in the States.

There are many references to the latest research along with practical tips on how to take advantage of it. If you tried to eat and drink everything the magazine says is healthy (based on the latest research) your calorie count would double. I did like the recommendation on how to reduce prostate cancer risk:

Scientists at Oregon State University, USA have found a chemical [xanthohumol] in beer that could help ward off prostate cancer…The bad news is to obtain the level of chemical found to make a difference, you would have to drink a liver-bashing 17 bottles of beer. For a solution that won’t require a stomach pump try Xan beer. Microbrewed to contain ten times the amount of naturally occurring xanthohumol, just two bottles will be enough to protect your prostate.

January 26, 2007

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