The answer is no

In October I asked Is there a $200/month health insurance solution? At the time, then Governor Mitt Romney asserted that such a premium level was attainable for individuals under the newly mandated health insurance requirements.

Last week the actual bids came back: $200 per month became $380. The problem is that the law requires affordable, comprehensive coverage. Unfortunately, reasonably comprehensive coverage –as specified by the Connector– costs more than $200 per month in Massachusetts.

Something has to give. It’s impossible to have affordable, comprehensive, universal coverage in Massachusetts without large subsidies.  The health care reform  bill does almost nothing to restructure the health care industry in the state.

Once the public. the Governor, the legislature and the Connector face up to the fact that something has to give, maybe the focus will turn to reform of the health care delivery system, not just the insurance market.

January 25, 2007

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