Flomax ad wasn’t that bad

The Wall Street Journal took a turn at Monday Morning Quarterback today –focusing on Super Bowl ads. They liked the beer and insurance ads, but the headline included “A Big Fumble by Flomax.”

The ad played in the 4th quarter, and you can see it at the CBS site. Here’s what the Journal said:

But the biggest fumble of the night came from Flomax, the prostate drug from Boehringer Ingelheim Corp. The spot, which described the drug’s side effects as including a “decrease in semen,” showed men competing in a bike race. Ad executives questioned whether such ads should run during the Super Bowl. “Call me a prude but there are kids watching the game,” says Mr. Feakins.

The company is required to list the drug’s side effects in ads.

The drug maker recognizes the personal subject matter in the spot and told The Wall Street Journal last week that it elected to run the commercial late in the game to avoid younger audiences.

I thought the ad was informative and in good taste. I doubt anyone was scandalized by it. The only part I thought was cheesy was when the announcer listed the symptoms Flomax addresses while a little read-a-long light zipped along the words so you could follow more easily.
You are a prude, Mr. Feakins (and also savvy enough to know what soundbite would land you in the newspaper.)

February 5, 2007

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