In good company

Today I officially joined the board of iCardiac Technologies, an innovative firm in Rochester, NY, which develops and markets novel ECG-based biomarkers and improved methods for measuring standard ECG-based biomarkers in clinical trials. You can read the press release or the article in the Rochester Business Journal.

The technology holds the promise to deliver exciting benefits for pharmaceutical development and prescribing:

  • Prediction of arrhythmia risks earlier in drug development. This would help companies kill drugs sooner rather than after spending tens of millions or more on late stage trials. It may also help rescue drugs that are safe, but which would be killed based on today’s less accurate assessment tools
  • Better assessment of cardiac risk so prescribers and patients can make better risk/benefit analyses to guide treatment decisions

The company has first-rate business and scientific leadership. The recent announcement of a major collaboration with Pfizer is a good sign.

February 15, 2007

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