Just imagine what HDTV could bring

It’s a good thing doctors in Ireland have time to watch television:

An Irish doctor, however, has [performed a diagnosis] while watching television by spotting that a government minister had a tumor in his cheek.

The… surgeon…was at home with his doctor wife before Christmas. They were following a current affairs program…in which… the overseas aid minister… was being interviewed.

“If you look very carefully,” the surgeon reportedly told his wife, “his face moves when he talks but the lump doesn’t.”

The next day he called the minister’s office and left a message. [The minister]… phoned back and the surgeon told him about his fears, advising him to see a head and neck specialist at a Dublin hospital immediately.

Doctors… carried out tests and quickly found a tumor on his salivary glands. It was removed during an operation last month…

[The minister] told the Irish Independent newspaper: “I’m a very lucky man. The consultant wouldn’t have seen the left side of my face but for the fact that I was sitting at the left of the group in the television studio.

Thanks to Mickey for spotting this one.

February 2, 2007

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