Give that fan a contract!

The Wall Street Journal printed a couple of letters responding to the Sally Pipes rant against “RomneyCare” that I also wrote about. The first is by Tim Murphy, a really decent guy who was Secretary of Health and Human Services under Romney. He corrects some of the distortions from the Pipes piece.

Once I saw the first few words of the second letter I knew who wrote it even without looking. Richard E. Ralston, Executive Director of Americans for Free Choice in Medicine (formerly of the Ayn Rand Institute), can be counted on to offer a no-holds-barred (and unbothered by reality) libertarian perspective on health care. Sure enough, it’s him again, railing against legislators who bring…

…more compulsion, regulatory requirements, government administrators and new agencies that will produce only higher insurance premiums and taxes.

My real question is why does the Journal print so many letters from Ralston?  Just since late December he’s had at least four letters in the Journal (1, 2, 3, 4). And this didn’t just start. I first mentioned a Ralston letter more than a year ago. I guess it’s comforting to the Journal’s editorial page editors to see a complex issue wrapped into such a neat little package that matches their ideology. But it’s kind of amateurish on their part to act like a rinky-dink local paper with the same people’s letters being published over and over again.

March 8, 2007

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