More lousy service from Children’s Hospital in Waltham along with some nonsense from the right

Kimberley Strassel in her opinion piece in the Wall St. Journal (Republican Rx) is extremely upbeat about the potential for the GOP to ride to the rescue and radically transform the health care system. In typical right-wing fashion she gets herself all excited bashing the Democrats and ‘liberal’ Republicans, using such terms as “Mini-me Republicanism” (Mitt Romney and Arnold Schwarzenegger) and “HillaryCare.”

These liberals never offer details about the extraordinary costs, the miserable service, the wait lines, the Walter-Reed-like facilities…

Strassel seems to think the answer to our problems will lie in tax rebates, tax deductibility, and tort reform.
We have by far the highest health care spending in the world already, and plenty of miserable service and waiting to boot. Here’s an example:

Last month I posted about a friend with a child whose speech is delayed. She made an appointment for an assessment at Children’s Hospital in Waltham, MA and had to wait six months for an appointment even though she has excellent insurance and this state is full of doctors. I checked in with her today, two months after the appointment. Guess what? The hospital hasn’t even sent the report yet, but says she can expect to receive it “soon.” No promises of course.

So there’s been a delay of assessment and treatment of at least 8 months. Are the “liberals” –or God forbid the socialists– really likely to make things worse?
How are tax rebates, tax deductibility and tort reform going to help solve this problem?

March 23, 2007

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