Take it back!

A Modern Healthcare article that encouraged doctors to “take back the practice of medicine” drew an angry letter from wellness company executive Edward Gluckmann.

As long as physicians are supplicants to drug companies, allow ghost-written research to dictate their prescribing patterns, etc., they cannot take anything back. Their own house needs a cleaning before they can invite any one in.


March 20, 2007

2 thoughts on “Take it back!”

  1. Well, we need to take medicine back from the pharma/ device/ biotech companies to whom some of them have become “supplicants,” and which sponsor the ghost-written research, etc. We also need to take it back from managed care organizations, from bureaucratic government agencies, and from a variety of other third, fourth, fifth, and sixth parties.

    I have to note that at the end of the letter, the author was pitching such fringe ideas as “healthy breathing” to “reinforce the body’s cells.” So that reminds me, we also need to take it back from the fringe practitioners and even hucksters and quacks who cloak themselves in the “complementary and alternative medicine” (CAM) mantle.

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