A tip from the TSA

Made it home to Boston from DC last night after an enjoyable and informative World Health Care Congress and am off to London this morning. As I went through security a TSA guy asked me –just out of curiosity– “What do you do that you travel so much?”

I told him I was a health care business consultant. He told his colleague and me that health care costs are being driven up by all the spending on IT. He then told me he used to work for WebMD and shared the following:

Here’s a tip. If your clients are thinking of purchasing software make sure they check with other people who are already using it to see if it’s any good. And make sure they find out about the support.

Will do.

April 25, 2007

2 thoughts on “A tip from the TSA”

  1. David:

    Love the TSA tip! I have been working in HRO/HR Technology sales for years and I have to tell you – it is sound advice. And often ignored.

    Tom O’B

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