Change of Shift is up at Blissful Entropy

Change of Shift, the nursing blog carnival, is up at Blissful Entropy.

April 19, 2007

One thought on “Change of Shift is up at Blissful Entropy”

  1. David – Thanks for the post. You are correct to point out that CarePilot’s social networking functionality faces many challenges, i.e. achieving critical mass, whether the topic area lends itself to individual interactions, etc.

    During the course of researching and launching our service many potential users expressed to us that they depended largely on word of mouth, or advice from friends and family, when choosing a care option for their parents. Thus we decided to create an online forum, CarePilot Connections, where individuals can share their personal knowledge with a (hopefully) large audience.

    We believe that this combination of user feedback and collaboration, coupled with the objective data represented by our database of more than 8,000 home health agencies throughout the US. is the future of web-based health information initiatives. I will keep you posted as to our progress.

    Best – David

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