Try saying this with a straight face

From a little sign attached to my phone at the Marriott Kensington in London:

Marriott Hotels have undertaken a fundamental reassessment of telephone charges. In response to feedback from our guests, we have made our charging easy to understand and now charges [sic] on a per minute basis. Below are our rates to key destinations…

  • UK Local 99 p/min
  • UK National 99 p/min
  • UK Mobile 299 p/min
  • Europe (EEC) 299 p/min
  • USA 299 p/min

That’s right, folks. Just about $6 per minute at current exchange rates for a call to the US. Meanwhile, the market rate is about 1 p ($0.02) per minute, so Marriott is charging about 300 times the going rate!

Even a jaded traveler like me is a little shocked.

April 26, 2007

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