Losing it

There’s a feeling among those involved in the field that the excitement about health care IT is waning. I don’t disagree. In fact it was striking at the World Health Care Congress last month that no one was discussing RHIOs.

May 17, 2007

2 thoughts on “Losing it”

  1. Sorry for the excessive jargon. RHIOs are Regional Health Information Organizations. They are intended to be neutral electronic platforms that let every health care entity in a region exchange data electronically. Sometimes they are called Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) a term I prefer.

    Whatever the name, these entities are having trouble establishing themselves despite a fair amount of enthusiasm on the part of Health IT advocates.

    We may have better success in MA through the Mass eHealth Collaborative.

    If we ever get to a National Health Information Network it is likely to be by connecting many RHIOs.

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