The case for covering up

As a fair-skinned person I’m always interested in articles about sun protection.  I’ve never had great luck with sunscreen –either I miss a few areas or get burned when it wears off– and I have a perhaps irrational fear that the sun is causing damage even when I don’t have a visible burn.

I’ve always worn a hat and for the past several years have worn special sun protective clothing from Sun Precautions and especially swim gear. A new literature review by the Lancet, summarized by MedPage Today (Protective Clothing Beats Sunscreens for Protection), suggests that’s a good idea.

The authors conclude that it will be too hard to get people to wear clothing at the beach, and so suggest ways to use sunscreen more effectively. As a result I guess I’ll continue to stand out as a geeky-looking sun avoider.

May 7, 2007

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