No miracle

Edgar Ngoma, a Zambian newspaper owner, has been running articles in which he claims to have cured AIDS. The Zambian government has stepped in, and is not pleased by what it has found:

“This chemical has not been proven by any scientific means that it cures AIDS,” [said a government AIDS specialist. “But what has been proven is that it is a pesticide, which was used to disinfect swimming pools.”

Not only has Ngoma given AIDS patients false hopes, he’s also harmed them by luring them off their anti-retroviral therapies. Those therapies do work, even if they don’t cure the disease.

June 4, 2007

3 thoughts on “No miracle”

  1. Edgar Ngoma prefers to be called Dr. Ngoma despite him having nver been at College or University or atleat being involved in traditional medicen. The danger is that ordinary people assume he is a medical doctor and have trust in him when he administers drugs. Ordinary people are not aware that the title of doctor was confered to him by a Youth called Cosmos NGOMA who used to run HIV AIDS Project in Zambia. Cosmos Ngoma who also prefers to refer to himself as a Doctor has been organising HIV workshops of less than a week and awarding Certificates of Attendance. But since Edgar was their main funder he was awarded a PHD degree by this Zambian Community based Project. Edgar has taken this award very seriously.

    It is a danger for the Ministry of Health in Zambia to refer to him as Doctor without investigating his creditials.

    Let us have sanity in fight against AIDS.

  2. please you dont need to go the college or university to given a honourary doctrate in the fight against hiv/aids and im not cozmo ngoma but cozmo mumba

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