Interview with ZixCorp’s Peter Wilensky

ZixCorp is a leading provider of e-prescribing and secure email services. Peter Wilensky is the company’s VP of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, but he’s a lot more on the ball than your typical corporate mouthpiece. With degrees from Harvard and Wharton and a close relative who ran Medicare and Medicaid, he’s got deep knowledge of health care, technology and business.

Peter and I discussed the benefits and challenges of e-prescribing, the role of health plans in paying for it, and the relationship between e-prescribing and electronic health records.

The interview took place in a noisy restaurant and I didn’t actually expect to get usable audio. But when I listened to the output from my new digital recorder I decided it was good enough for a podcast. Please excuse all the background noise, the less than perfect sound quality, and especially all my little “yeah’s” and “ok’s,” which I wouldn’t have emitted if I’d been thinking clearly!

July 23, 2007

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