Paranoia Deep Destroyer II

First it was rattlesnakes (aka cardiologists) bothering radiologists and now it’s Google. From the American College of Radiology (ACR) website:

ACR Chair Arl Van Moore, Jr., M.D., recently wrote a letter to Google®, chastising the search engine giant for its curious decision not to include, among other medical specialists, a radiologist or radiation oncologist on their recently created 22-member, Google Health Advisory Council.

In Google’s recent announcement regarding the creation of the council, it was stated, “The mission of the Google Health Advisory Council is broadly to help us better understand the problems consumers and providers face every day…” Google’s release also stated “We want to help users make more empowered and informed healthcare decisions, and have been steadily developing our ability to make our search results more medically relevant and more helpful to users.”

…Moore added, “The ACR, one of the largest medical specialty societies in the world, and one of the leading National Cancer Institute (NCI) funded cancer research organizations in the United States, strongly urges Google to invite a representative from radiology to be a member of the Google Health Advisory Council at its earliest convenience.”

Look at the list of members. There’s a wide variety of people on the council; very few are representatives of any particular specialty. So I think the ACR is just being paranoid again. Maybe Google Health’s Adam Bosworth actually has it in for radiologists, but that seems unlikely considering it was the first specialty he cited in a speech last year talking about transformation in health care.

Loosen up, fellas.

July 19, 2007

One thought on “Paranoia Deep Destroyer II”

  1. The list has a very strong bias toward MDs. Nurses? Associated care professionals–I did not see them. What about oh, the pharmaceutical industry-I counted zero on their list. With 15% of HC spending going to the industry, one would think they could be included.

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