Two nasty surprises

Got two nasty surprises today

First, I got a renewal notice from Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA with a proposed premium increase of 26.3%

Second, I found a website called AllHealthMedInfo(dot)com, which is reposting my blog posts verbatim without permission and without attribution. My last 10 blog posts have been posted there. The idea seems to be to take the content and slam Ads by Google all over it. There’s other content on the site, too besides my posts. If you’re a blogger you might want to check if it’s yours.

I found it funny that the person doing the posting changed one of my titles from The health impact of smoking to The health affect of smoking, confusing “affect” with “effect.”

I sent an email to the person I think owns the site. I’m hoping this is going to stop soon.


PS –Believe it or not, they’ve just copied my post about them, changing it around a bit.

July 12, 2007

8 thoughts on “Two nasty surprises”

  1. Hello…

    The website in question is just pulling your rss feed…that is why the feed is there? but we will stop the feed…

    Thanks and good luck

  2. Thanks for stopping. Let’s just say it’s not the norm to republish the entire RSS feed, especially without attributing it and linking back to the original article. It’s also not normal to change a few words as you did, for example, on this very post.

    I do give certain sites permission to republish my posts in their entirety.

  3. David – I’ve been getting ~20% increases from BCBS of MA for the last 4 years – and as a result have been reducing my coverage/benefits each year by switching to their more managed plans…. But so far so good… Part of this year’s increase may also be the whole Connector thing, and merging of the individual and small group markets – which raised rates for the small group market… Or maybe that will be their explanation for next year’s increase.

  4. Hello Dr Miller,

    I have just settled a claim in my favor with BC/BS, The short story is, When I had my heart attack and made my claim, they refunded over $6,000.00 in premiums and said I was not covered, the BC/BS agent who sold me my policy was not licensed.

    Needless to say I was looking for a suitable replacement. One of my friends directed me to a company called MedFund-USA as he had very pleasant experiences with them when the going got tough for him.

    I checked them out and while they openly advertise that they are not an insurance company, I did join because of what they offer. They are a private membership only organization of Americans helping Americans.

    If any of their members ever need their medical bills paid, MedFund-USA will immediately pay their doctor and hospital direct for the full amount of their invoice without any negotiated deduction.

    As a doctor, I would think that this particular feature would please you significantly.

    My research into the company prior to joining, discovered that MedFund-USA is very well funded and does not require any of its members to pay for such things as Deductibles, Co-Pays or 80/20 plans. They even have a profit sharing plan with their members. In addition, if any of their members do not make any significant use of their membership in any given membership year, then MedFund-USA also refunds 25% of the members monthly membership fees in cash or they can choose to apply it to their next years membership fees. A nice feeling to be rewarded for not getting sick and to see money flowing in the other direction for a change. While I was too late learning about them for it to impact my heart bills, I am very happy that I am with them.

    I now have a great feeling of security knowing that i am not going to be nickel and dimed or thrown out in the cold as soon as something goes wrong with me.

  5. I don’t know who Jeff is, and may be I’m being paranoid. But I’m very suspicious about this MedFund-USA. They give no information about who their management is, or where they are located. Their “CEO letter” is unsigned. They also ask for registration information that can be used for identity theft.

    There’s a chance they’re a legit operation, but I’d be very wary giving them information without calling them and then confirming more facts about their company, how it is funded, who is backing them, etc.

  6. Hello Sandip,

    Your caution to be careful about websites and their security which means any website for that matter is well noted.

    Anyone wishing to know who the CEO of MedFund is can easily find it on the site under CONTACT US. name address and telephone number are listed there for all to see.

    I can also tell you that this company operates a very secure site and can produce a Security Certificate if asked. I know this, because prior to joining MedFund-USA I checked them out thoroughly.

    I can also tell you that they are very well funded through their Individual and Corporate members as well as having RE-INSURANCE. This is a wonderful company that I feel very secure in being a member of. They are very legit in the truest sense of the word. By the way, I just contacted them to inform them of your observation of their CEO letter not being signed, they appologized and said it must have been accidently deleted when the page was being edited, revised it will be reinserted. Regards.

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