Veggie booty recall: Update

There’s a new press release out from the makers of Veggie Booty, Robert’s American Gourmet. This one tries to shift the blame upstream, while announcing a new purchasing and testing policy:

Robert’s American Gourmet purchased the seasoning used in its Veggie Booty product from Atlantic Quality Spice and Seasonings, a division of Van de Vries Trading Corporation of Edison, New Jersey, an American Company with a sixty five year history of providing high quality spice and seasonings…In this case, despite requiring that written Certificates of Analysis be provided by the suppliers of every component contained in the seasoning used in our Veggie Booty, one of the ingredients supplied by one of the American companies was contaminated by the Wandsworth Salmonella virus.  It is believed that the ingredient at issue was obtained from China.
Over the past decade, China has continuously undercut all other suppliers of spices, dried fruits and vegetables, as well as other commodities and, as a result, has eliminated any and all competition in those industries…

[F]rom today forward, Robert’s American Gourmet will implement testing and sampling measures which far exceed all industry and Government standards, and will purchase ingredients directly from domestic sources whenever possible.

As a commenter pointed out on my previous post, it is interesting that no one is naming the Chinese supplier. If China has actually “eliminated any and all competition” then why beat around the bush by saying “it is believed” the ingredient came from China? In fact, why is the whole press release filled with such passive language? Read the release carefully and you’ll see that its authors have even given “one of the ingredients” credit for requiring certificates of analysis!

July 16, 2007

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