Design firm takes up diabetes device challenge

Diabetes Mine author Amy Tenderich sent an open letter to Steve Jobs back in April asking for Apple to design the glucose monitor or insulin pump equivalent of the iPod., e.g., something elegant and liberating, in contrast to the clunky, engineering-driven devices that are the norm.

Jobs hasn’t responded but designer Adaptive Path took up the challenge and Amy is pleased with the results.

August 15, 2007

One thought on “Design firm takes up diabetes device challenge”

  1. This is new concept, turning a social issue into a commercial venture perhaps. I’m used to that lol but seriously, will it have the price of an ipod as well? and will every diabetic feel like they have to have the “i-tester” in order to be accepted among their social groups? I mean, seriously, my mothers a diabetic and I most definitely see a need for advancements in diabetes care and cure, but to say that the blood sugar testing units available now really need that much improvement is perhaps a little overstated. Perhaps if the test can be done accurately without drawing blood, now that would be a breakthrough.

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