Going up

Revolution Health has a kind of cool display of the obesity rate by state. I like the way the slider zips along and shows the rate of obesity over time. There is a bunch of content surrounding the map if you want to read more.

No doubt we’re getting bigger, though there is some controversy over the extent of the epidemic and its  cause.

August 2, 2007

One thought on “Going up”

  1. Hi. I think the controversy is mainly because various reasons – related to funding, lack of multidisciplinary training, political affiliations etc – ensure that researchers only focus narrowly on one contributory factor and exclude all others. A few also focus narrowly on the effects of obesity and before long, a bias researcher becomes a fat activist (in an extreme case). This means that there is always a war going on for one theory to take precedence over others.

    The ties that bind are essentially monetary. When I spent the last 2 years interviewing ‘specialists’ around the UK and the US, they all expressed admiration for my research where I was bringing together hitherto disparate threads of research. Made possible of course because I chose to fund my own PhD. Multidisciplinary work finds no ‘investors’ at least in the UK.

    Is it any surprise there is no agreement on the causes of obesity even as we watch children balloon, queue up in the paediatric diabetes unit, and on the other hand, retailers assuage our guilt and sense of worry by down-numbering their sizes (amongst other things)?

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