Vaginal rejuvenation and revirginization

Mainstream gynecologists are warning against “vaginal rejuvenation,” which they call unproven and risky. Of particular concern is a Dr. David Matlock, who trademarks his procedures and trains physicians for rates approaching or exceeding $50,000.

From the Wall St. Journal:

Although there are legitimate reasons for genital plastic surgery, the physicians group’s warning said the specific procedures cited “are not medically indicated.”

Many gynecologists say the majority of such procedures aren’t backed by solid scientific studies. They say potential risks, including infection, scarring, nerve damage and loss of sensation, outweigh possible — if any — benefits.

“To do this for cosmetic reasons, and to say it will improve sexual fulfillment is totally absurd,” says Thomas Stovall, past president of the Society of Gynecologic Surgeons and a clinical professor at the University of Tennessee at Memphis.

Still, in my book this is nothing compared with re-virginization.

August 31, 2007

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