No biogeneric legislation this year

Good news. The flawed bill that would authorize generic versions of biotech drugs is unlikely to reach the House floor this year, according to Rep. Henry Waxman. That’s too bad for the generic drug industry, which wants to get in on the lucrative biotech action. It’s good news, too for biotech companies who don’t like the idea of competition for their products, even those that are off patent.

I’m hopeful that the biogeneric push –which apes the path taken for generic versions of traditional drugs– will be rerouted. The newer proposals are not terrible, but my preference is for price regulation of biotech drugs post-patent expiry. No biogenerics or “biosimilars,” no new clinical trials, FDA inspections and reviews. Rather, same drugs, same factories, same processes, lower prices.

For why this is a good idea, please refer to my previous post.

September 7, 2007

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