Interview with Philippines’ Department of Tourism Director Elizabeth Nelle

I spoke last night with Elizabeth Nelle, Director of the Office of Product Research and Development in the Philippines’ Department of Tourism.We spoke about the emergence of the Philippines as a player in the medical tourism field, and its progress in catching up with India and Singapore, which got an earlier start. Nelle believes that the Philippines’ low cost position, skilled medical professionals and warm-hearted people will help it succeed. If medical tourism is sufficiently successful, it could have the effect of drawing back Filipino medical workers who currently live overseas.

Of course we also discussed the recent dissing of Filipino medical schools by Teri Hatcher on Desperate Housewives!

The Philippines is hosting the 2nd annual International Medical Travel Conference next month, which will give the country the opportunity to showcase its progress in medical tourism.

October 11, 2007

3 thoughts on “Interview with Philippines’ Department of Tourism Director Elizabeth Nelle”

  1. I used to look at medical tourism as a last ditch effort for desperate people but I now realize due to the health care crisis we face, this is much more common.

  2. For those who signed the Desperate Housewives petition in defense of Filipino pride and dignity of the health profession, we call on you now to defend the right to life and public health of the Filipino people by signing the petition below for the passage of law to requiring graphic health warnings on cigaratte packages. Let us show the world that we don’t just care about some tv show, we care about our countrymen and we defend not only the medical schools and medical institutions and the practitioners but we also defend the rights for which they stand for and from which they stem –we care about the Filipino right to life and health.

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