You have to admit this is kind of funny

Since I’m out in California I picked up the USA Today to read about the Red Sox. Above the page one headline is a preview of a feature article in the Life section. It says:

Ewwww! When mom eyes Facebook. Parents among new –and not so welcome– viewers of social website.

And from the article itself:

Laura Benson, 17, of Huntington, W.Va., says she lets her mother see everything; they have a close relationship, and she has nothing to hide. But she still is sometimes embarrassed by her mom’s Facebook faux pas.

Take the time when her mother, Connie Benson, 50, got upset about a rude comment, including the f-bomb, someone had posted underneath a photo her mother had taken. (Most kids will tell you foul language is just part of the Internet culture.)

Laura advised her mother to ignore — and delete.

Her mom did delete it, but she hardly ignored it. She sent the offender a note and said, “I don’t want to have any curse words on my site,” Connie Benson says.

Tess says her mom’s wall post was “like if I’m having a bunch of friends over, and my mom came down and started striking up a conversation with everyone, or saying, with all my friends over, ‘Oh I love you so much’ and giving me a hug and kissing me all over.”

Tess actually likes her mom being online; in fact, she helped build the profile for her mom, who uses the site to do her own social and professional networking as well as to communicate with her children.

Still, Tess says, “older people being on Facebook is kind of weird.”

The helicopter generation has a thing or two to learn about growing up. How about stickin’ up for mama when she gets dissed, for example?

October 4, 2007

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