Zagat Survey to produce physician ranking guide

From the Kaiser Family Foundation:

WellPoint by the end of March will release an online physician ranking guide based on patient input to more than one million members, USA Today reports. The WellPoint guide, developed with Zagat Survey, will rank physicians based on trust, communication, availability and office environment on a 30-point scale.

The guide also will include patient comments.

Just imagine how a sample review might read:

Dr. Johnson’s “spare but trendy” waiting room is filled with “beautiful” patients looking for the latest in “tummy tucks” and face lifts. Some enjoy the Doctor’s “classic, but worn” operating room while others call it “just another red sauce” joint with the “odeur” to match…

Look for the little signs in the windows soon!

October 22, 2007

2 thoughts on “Zagat Survey to produce physician ranking guide”

  1. I think any information about a provider is useful in determining whether they are good or not. Let this play out… I think you’ll be surprised by the outcome.

  2. This kind of service would be a blessing to my readers–women who are starting into the “hormone jungle” and can’t find a good doctor (meaning one who can be a partner in the natural journey of menopause). I’m constantly trying to provide new resources that will help make the process much easier.

    Dee aka “Minnie Pauz”
    Rebel with the Pause!

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