Medical tourism interview: Christi deMoraes of MedNetBrazil

Christi de Moraes had weight loss surgery in 2001 and moved to Brazil with her family shortly thereafter. While there she underwent body reconstruction surgery. The results were great and the price was reasonable. As she shared this information with peers, she realized there was an opportunity to bring others to Brazil for the same experience –and MedNetBrazil was born. Christi and I spoke about the state of plastic surgery in Brazil and the services provided by her company. She’s a real believer in concierge services, to the extent that she doesn’t think it’s important for her clients to bring a companion with them.

Plastic surgery after weight loss is likely to become a strong niche in medical tourism. Obese Americans are increasingly seeking surgery for radical weight reduction. Once people achieve weight loss, they often need reconstructive surgery to regain a normal appearance. It’s hard enough to get insurers to pay for weight loss surgery, never mind coverage for follow-up surgery that is usually deemed cosmetic. Therefore travel to a plastic surgery capital like Brazil or Costa Rica is a logical response.

I posted a podcast interview with Christi on

November 6, 2007

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  1. I am a patient who went to Brazil as well for health tourism and I didn’t have such a safe experience and healthy experience with my plastic surgery for obesity reduction surgery. Instead I had to get surgical revisions back home and it cost me more than it would have cost me to get it done in the US in the first place. Anyways, I found a health tourism company that is trying to accredit health tourism companies so people don’t have miscommunication issues etc with their surgeon in a foreign country. The web site is
    from HealthCare Tourism International, which is a new non-profit I have been trying to contact about patient safety abroad.

    The web site is

    Good luck and be safe in your surgical travels

  2. If you are interested in the natural methods of losing weight and the health tourism, I would like to share my experience. This was not a simple educational or pleasant trip, as I used to go for previously, but it was a health program. I went to Budapest, Hungary for a Fasting and Cleansing program ( I never did anything like that before and being honest I was quite skeptical about it. I heard about this program from a colleague of mine.
    I never believed the results could be so outstanding… This program took 8 days, w and included the fasting and different medical treatments. I thought that I would never survive with going for the caloric reduction and then for fasting, but quite the contrary I felt great. I can even tell that this program demonstrated “new me” to myself. Of course, you need to incline yourself for the fasting, as it is not very easy at first.
    My goal was not to lose weight (it was not primary), but to cleanse my organism, which suffers from the stress, junk food and other daily negatives. And actually the results were spectacular. Besides the aspect that I lost 5 kg, I regained my health. I feel that my stomach works much better now, my skin became clearer and smoother, I got out of sleep disorders and there many more other improvements. And what is more important, I feel relaxed, my thoughts gained clarity and order and now I have much energy to go on working.
    I loved the beauty of Budapest and their famous thermal baths, which are built on the natural hot springs. I had a series massages, fitness activities and other medical treatments. The program was individualized for my needs and food preferences. The support from the medical staff and program managers was excellent.
    If you are a little overweight, or you have some health problems, or even if you just want to go for prophylaxis, I would really highly recommend this program. You will enjoy the beautiful city and we come back as a NEW person. I already plan to do these healthy trips on a regular basis, like at least once a year. The next time I will try Croatia, as this company also offers programs on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.

  3. it’s been a year and how my life has changed. I do not miss the 30 pounds of skin it has been a blessing in all aspects of my life. No sores under the belly, the right side they cut out the psoriasis (a good side effect) I can drive more efficiently, better sex, walking much better without as much back pain…, I have more energy …my life has changed on November 2010, the day of my trip to Bolivia for my full body lift surgery with Sensualbodydream .com
    I had a Tummy tuck, thigh lift, facelift, arm lift and liposuction.
    Selecting Sensualbodydream is the best decision I’ve ever made. I consulted with several cosmetic surgeons in Los Angeles but it was obvious that I couldn’t afford a plastic surgery in LA… from 35,000$ to 55,000$ for a body lift!! That was the price I had to pay.
    I couldn’t afford it, but I desperately needed one so I had to find a solution before falling into a strong depression.
    After months of research in internet, and after reading hundreds of testimonials of patients that have had a plastic surgery in latin America, I decided to take to decision to have my surgery done there…and I repeat it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I stayed 25 days in Bolivia and paid for all my trip (including hotel and surgery) 10,000$!!
    I chose to go with sensualbodydream because I noted their conception of a realistic and original vision. By realistic I mean they don’t sugar coat or make grandiose promises. By original vision I mean they take the essence of YOU, combine it with the doctrine and expertise of their surgeons to enhance you to the level you dared to dream of. Whatever the procedure, be assured that their surgeons will provide you with more than enough support, information and knowledge.
    I’ve never experienced invasive surgery before. I’ve also never been more confident and resolute as I was the morning of my procedure with the medical team. We went over my details one last time and I completely trusted that they would create the best version of me possible. They not only met but exceeded my every expectation. I’m 1 year post-op and I am thrilled with my results. And continue to improve daily.

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