Medical tourism interview with IMS Global’s Ira Nissel

I spoke recently with Ira Nissel, CEO of IMS Global, a medical tourism company based in Israel. Israel is home to some of the most modern medical centers in the world and the country’s physicians and scientists are known for medical breakthroughs.

IMS Global has three divisions. One focuses on fertility, another on children and the third on adults. The company works will all of the internationally known medical centers in Israel and provides end-to-end service. Patients are coming from all over the world including the US, Europe, and the former Soviet Union.

December 28, 2007

One thought on “Medical tourism interview with IMS Global’s Ira Nissel”

  1. Medical tourism in Israel is quite popular especially under the 3 divisions IMS Global runs about. Global awareness to medical tourism is increasing each year and more similar companies are rising in Israel.

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