Health 2.0 comes to Boston

I recently met F. Mark Modzelewski, who’s pulling together Health 2.0 Northeast. The first event is tomorrow night and I plan to attend. Register here if you have the chance.

Here are excerpts from the group’s press release:

Health Forum 2.0 announced today a series of groundbreaking forums exploring the intersection between healthcare and Web 2.0. The first event will be held in Cambridge, MA. on January 23, 2008, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, health care professionals, insurers and others interested in the emerging Health 2.0 sector.

Health 2.0 describes new developments in social networking and healthcare that are providing untold opportunities for managing the challenges of the multi-trillion dollar healthcare sector.

“The Boston metro area has all the ingredients –preeminent medical institutions, great IT pro’s, as well as some of the world’s top universities, insurance firms, entrepreneurs and investors– to be the global leader in developing Health 2.0,” said F. Mark Modzelewski, Managing Director of Bang Ventures. He added, “The Health 2.0 Northeast forums will allow attendees to discuss, brainstorm, and act on developing the emerging convergence of health care and social networking.”

The kick-off Health 2.0 Northeast event speakers include:

  • Matthew Holt: Co-Founder, Health 2.0 & Author, The Health Care Blog.
  • Indu Subaiya, MD: Co-Founder Health 2.0, and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Physic Ventures
  • Steve Krein: Co-Founder and CEO of OrganizedWisdom Health and the former founder of and
  • F. Mark Modzelewski: Founder & Managing Director, Bang Ventures
  • John Bader is Vice President, Business Development, Xoova
  • Bill Allman, Chief Content Officer, Health Central

The Internet offers a new platform for information, services, analysis and monitoring –providing for more personal control, cost savings as well as enhanced delivery of services and information to patients, healthcare practitioners and providers. The Northeast region –from Boston to New York to Washington, DC– contains all the key assets to incubate, reform and expand the health care field utilizing the Internet and the platform it provides.

Indu Subaiya, Co-Founder, Health 2.0 Conference, notes, “It was evident from the Health 2.0 Conference we hosted in September that there’s huge value in getting people together around this movement, and that’s even more true in one region and leveraging the local assets and interest.”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones in Boston. The region’s corporate, start-up and academic sectors are already beginning to drive the development of Health 2.0 via new sites, services and platforms,” said Matthew Holt, Co-Founder, Health 2.0 Conference.

The first forum will take place at the Cambridge Marriott on January 23, 2008 at 5:30pm – 8:30pm. Cambridge Marriott, 2 Cambridge Ctr. Cambridge, MA. Additional details and registration is available at:

January 22, 2008

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  1. Matthew Holt is Kaiser Permanente’s Health Care Blog Brat, who rents himself and his blog out to the highest bidder for speeches at pharmaceutical conventions and other health industry lobbyist galas. He and his blog are industry shills, who cover up Kaiser’s patient privacy fraudulent scheme, “Kaiser Permanente Plunders Patients’ Piece of the Pie,” in concert with the Rawlings Company. Original investigation posted on YouTube and HMO hardball. Robert D. Finney, Ph.D.

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