Interview with RadarFind Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Vincent Carrasco

I spoke recently with Dr. Vincent Carrasco, Chief Medical Officer of RadarFind, a hospital asset and patient tracking company in North Carolina. RadarFind’s real time location system allows hospital administrators to monitor the location and status of patients and equipment. Hospitals generate a return on investment by keeping better track of equipment, reducing the need to buy extra assets.

RadarFind is also useful for infection control initiatives. The equipment status tags broadcast information about where the equipment is and whether the equipment is clean, dirty or in use. Combining that information with patient location and status makes tracking down the source of an infection a lot easier.


Technical note: This podcast was recorded using my least-preferred method: a conference bridge and call-recording service. The audio quality is low on both ends of the call and so is the sound level. Unfortunately I’ve been having trouble lately with Skype, which lets me use a studio-quality mic on my end. You’ll be able to hear the difference by comparing this podcast’s intro (which I recorded with my good mic) and the rest of the podcast.

January 25, 2008

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