Medical tourism webinar: Implications for the medical device industry

On Tuesday, February 26, 2008 from 2-3 pm EST, my colleague John Seus and I will be leading a webinar entitled Medical Tourism- Risk and Opportunity Assessment for the Medical Device Industry. If you’d like to attend, register here.

In the fall we issued a white paper about medical tourism, including background on the industry, a set of predictions, and the implications of medical tourism for various parts of the US health care industry. On this call we’ll look at how those predictions are panning out (so far our track record is pretty good) and will dig into some issues of particular interest to the medical device industry.

February 18, 2008

4 thoughts on “Medical tourism webinar: Implications for the medical device industry”

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  2. This is definately an area of growth. The summary of this report on Asian region (
    says that more than 2.9 Million patients visited Thailand, India, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines for medical tourism in 2007.

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