New product development opportunity: Colon-brite

From the New York TImes (Easily Overlooked Lesions Tied to Colon Cancer)

An easily overlooked type of abnormality in the colon is the most likely type to turn cancerous, and is more common in this country than previously thought, researchers are reporting.

The findings come from a study of colonoscopy, in which a camera-tipped tube is used to examine the lining of the intestine. Generally, doctors search for polyps, abnormal growths that stick out from the lining and can turn into cancer. But another type of growth is much more dangerous, and harder to see because it is flat or depressed and similar in color to healthy tissue.

It sounds like what’s needed is a kind of contrast agent to make such flat lesions more prominent during the procedure. Colon-brite anyone?

March 6, 2008

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