Health Business Blog named one of the 25 best health blogs

The Health Business Blog has been listed as one of the “25 Best Health Blogs,” by Fathom SEO.

Fathom’s Paul Richlovsky chose the blogs on the basis of subjective criteria:

  • frequent, regular posting (daily/near-daily)
  • quality design (readable, pleasing to the eye, no overwhelming advertising/clutter)
  • a distinct viewpoint
  • depth and breadth of health commentary

The publication includes a short paragraph on each blog that is quite useful. You can read Paul’s post on the topic and view his vodcast.

April 23, 2008

3 thoughts on “Health Business Blog named one of the 25 best health blogs”

  1. I admire your frequency in posting your blog entries. You are posting them almost everyday.

    You really have a passion for health and blogging! 🙂

  2. Dr. Wayne Andersen’s book, Habits of Health, is set for release late July, and we already have a group of participants from around the U.S. who are reading the book and following the program. They are blogging about their experience on Dr. Andersen has a list of topics and story ideas he could submit to you, and he would love to have the opportunity to be a guest blogger on slimpossible if you are interested.

    Dr. A would be willing to blog on any topic you like. Would you like us to come back to you with a few suggestions, or are there some topics you want covered that you already have in mind? I have not started doing any media relations yet, but I did attached the press release I have written (below) to give you some background on Dr. A and his credentials. He could blog about a chapter from the book, top-of-mind subjects, what ever you think is most interesting.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

    Savanah Maurtua
    Social Media Research Associate
    Cobalt Communications Group

    P. 208-721-2808


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