No recession in health care

The housing market’s in a tailspin, gas and food prices are crazy and the “R” word is in the air. Retailers are seeing a drop in business and more people are taking public transportation.

But you wouldn’t know about any sort of slowdown if you did what I did and tried to park at the Tufts Medical Center in Boston today. I arrived at about 1:30 pm and went into the parking garage. I drove all the way to the top without spotting a single open parking place. (I even looked in the handicap section: completely full!) Plenty of other people were driving around and having the same experience. When I finally gave up and exited the cashier admitted the lot was full. Meanwhile cars kept coming through the gate, one after the other.

I then went to the valet parking lot but the valet initially refused to take me! He said I had to be a patient or visiting a patient. He finally relented when I insisted I was going to a business meeting at the medical center and would only be there an hour. But he wasn’t happy about it.

Demand for health care in Boston (and everywhere else in the US) is insatiable. Decreasing the number of uninsured as we’re doing in Massachusetts and as all the presidential candidates are talking about is going to drive demand even higher. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to help with costs.

April 3, 2008

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