Health 2.0 for neurologists

SimulConsult CEO (and Health Business Blog contributor) Michael Segal, MD, PhD and Kaiser Permanente’s Barbara Scherokman, MD, FAAN, FACP are the authors of Health 2.0 for Neurologists, posted at the American Academy of Neurology’s website.

From the introduction:

The core of Health 2.0 is something that doctors have been doing in medicine for well over a century: collecting case reports and research results. Health 2.0 improves this practice in several ways:

  • Opening up the process to patients as well as doctors
  • Using modern ways of finding information
    • Internet connectivity that speeds our access to information
    • Web searching that allows us to find information
  • Adding new forms of information exchange that depend on Internet technology

This article discusses these Health 2.0 advances and their implications for neurologists and patients.

June 25, 2008

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