Pharma 2.0 blog launch

Bunny Ellerin, Managing Director of Interbrand Wood Healthcare’s rxmark has launched the Pharma 2.0 blog.

As she puts it:

It explores the influence of blogs, social networks, wikis, mobile, video and other social media on the life sciences industry. The idea was borne out of my exploration of the space over the past year as well as from an event we ran here at Interbrand Wood in late March, which some of you attended.

She’s been at it since late May and has written a number of insightful posts, including an interview with OrganizedWisdom co-founder Unity Stoakes and a perspective on social networking for physicians.

Bunny is a force to be reckoned with. She created the Harvard Business School Health Industry Alumni Association, the first and best industry-oriented HBS alumni group. The annual conference is particularly good.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Bunny!

June 11, 2008												

One thought on “Pharma 2.0 blog launch”

  1. David! Thanks so much for the plug. You were the first real blogger I knew and have admired what you’ve created for a long time. Now I’ve finally gotten into the fray. See you soon.

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