InfoMed MD: an automated medical advisor

I’ve been testing out infoMed MD, a new website that provides personalized answers to medical questions based on short questionnaires. The technology isn’t especially novel but I kind of like the approach and the way it’s been executed.

The user starts by browsing a list of topics, such as anabolic steroids, bad breath, botox and cataract. After answering a few questions the user reaches a screen that summarizes the answers and provides personalized advice and links. What I like about it is that the answers contain real opinions, not just the usual WebMD stuff. One downside: it costs $6.95 to take each infoMed. I’m not sure how many takers there will be. However, the company also offers custom infoMeds that physicians can integrate into their practices.

Click here for a narrated example of me taking the Botox infoMed.

PS — Oops! Looks like I inadvertently deleted the screencat! I will try to repost it in a few days.

July 31, 2008

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