Wanted: Rejuvenating bath

I quite enjoyed the summer action movie, Wanted, even though it was fairly ridiculous and my wife told me it was the worst film I’d dragged her to in years. Amid all the shootings, knifings, and beatings the Fraternity had developed a rejuvenating bath that allowed the characters to recover their health and good looks soon after their bloody fights.

The Curtis Granderson Blog, written by the Detroit Tigers’ center fielder actually described it last week:

[T]here is a scene where the main character (McAvoy) gets hurt and there is this amazing place he goes to help heel and rejuvenate himself. It’s very similar to a steam bath/sauna/spa massage and paraffin wax all in one.

I mention the scene because it looks extremely relaxing, and if I had one of those rejuvenation things, I’d love to take advantage of it after a hot game (like Thursday’s, which was extremely humid), or after a really long game (like Wednesday’s, which featured a rain delay). If someone has one of these or the creator of the movie can find a way to turn this into an actual product, I’d be interested.

I don’t think Curtis will get his wish anytime soon, but who knows? (I also noticed that Curtis’s site says the Tigers are the American League Champions, which may have been true in 2006 but is no longer, thanks to the Red Sox.)
In any case the rejuvenating bath was a good cinematic device.

July 2, 2008

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