Dreaming of unlimited bandwith

A dozen years ago or so when I was at the Boston Consulting Group, my colleague George Stalk asked us to imagine a world of infinite bandwidth and to dream about what new functionality and business models it would enable. We were still in the heart of the dial-up era, and video-conferencing was an expensive and ultimately unsatisfying experience, but desktop and mobile video were popular dreams. Infinite bandwidth is still far away (at least from my neighborhood) but we’ve at least reached the point where desktop video is generally usable.

Companies like American Well (see my podcast interview with the company’s CEO for more information) are already starting to use video in health care. Now Cisco is encouraging us to think about video in health care through a webiste on Unified Communications for Your Business.

The two-minute Improve Patient Care video struck your jaded blogger as somewhat hokey and contrived (though accurate enough) but I thought the 12-minute podcast entitled Video in Healthcare Then and Now was quite worth listening to.

Of course there is a bit of irony in using audio to discuss the benefits of video…

August 18, 2008

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