Obama v. McCain on health care. Part 1: Introduction

Now that the Republican and Democratic conventions are behind us, I’m planning to write a series of posts to provide my perspective on the candidates’ health care proposals. I’ll follow the framework laid out by the Kaiser Family Foundation’s health08.org in its side-by-side summary of the candidates’ positions. The posts will appear every few days and I’ll conclude a week or so before election day with an overall summary and an endorsement of one candidate’s plan.

Here’s the framework:

  • Overall approach to expanding access to coverage
    • A. Requirement to obtain or offer coverage
    • B. Expansion of public programs
    • C. Premium subsidies to individuals
    • D. Premium subsidies to employers
    • E. Tax changes related to health insurance
    • F.  Creation of insurance pooling mechanisms
    • G. Changes to private insurance
    • H. State flexibility
  • Cost containment
  • Improving quality/health system performance
  • Other investments
  • Financing

Look for the first post next week.

PS — Here’s Part 2: Requirement to obtain or offer coverage.

September 5, 2008

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