Biden and Palin debate health care

Just finished watching the Biden/Palin debate. I thought both did well enough. Palin performed more like she did in debates for Governor of Alaska (well) rather than in her interview with Katie Couric (poorly). The biggest logical disconnect for me was that she is in favor of the market and against regulation on the one hand but against “greed” and in favor of “massive oversight” on the other. There’s no free market without greed and no “massive oversight” without regulation. Biden controlled himself and was generally on point.

The answers were too short to let anyone get himself or herself into trouble –or to get into any interesting detail for that matter.

There was some discussion of health care, mostly along well-trod lines. Palin bragged about the $5000 tax credit McCain would offer to purchase health care, and Biden said that the credit wouldn’t make up for the $12,000 insurance policies that some people would lose once McCain started taxing corporate-sponsored health benefits. Biden criticized McCain’s support of deregulation of the banking industry and his conclusion that it was a good model for health care deregulation. Palin didn’t seem to have a response to that.

The questions were too easy, so no one was stumped. I think, though, that Palin doesn’t know what an Achilles’ heel is. Either that or she doesn’t have one.

October 2, 2008

2 thoughts on “Biden and Palin debate health care”

  1. Healthcare was barely touched upon last night in the debate. Heck, if you got up to get a quick drink of water, you would have missed it completely.

    Too bad David that you couldn’t make it over the Harvard Law school yesterday. Very good debate on healthcare policy by advisers to each candidate. Pretty scary what one was proposing. Not sure if he knew what an achilles heel was either.

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