3 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber is not a plumber”

  1. Isn’t this interesting?.. between this and sending 50 people to Alaska to find out if they can really see Russia.. How can the media claim McLame is dodging the issue?..

    What i want to see is this kind of effort placed in investigating Obama’s associations especially with the terrorists and the racists he palled around with. When do we see that?


    To anyone from the Midwest, paying taxes late is local custom. And you don’t need a Harvard MBA to understand it.

    Midwest business under stress, including General Motors and Ford, often delay paying taxes. It usually takes government bureaucrats a few years to order a sheriff’s sale.

    Facts — they’re slippery. Like the MSM.

    BTW: at least 50% of the public does not believe Mr. Obama’s claim of tax plan superiority. Many do not believe him capable of using a calculator.

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