Podcast interview with Dr. Daniel Roubein, CEO of Telerays

Telerays is a teleradiology company that provides a platform for hospitals and imaging centers to connect with radiologists. Telerays credentials radiologists, who are then permitted to bid on the image interpretation needs of hospitals and imaging centers. The company handles the billing and takes a 15% commission on revenues received.

I spoke today with Dr. Daniel Roubein, CEO of Telerays. He laid out the concept behind the company and walked me through the bid process. We talked about the impact of Telerays on radiologist incomes and work practices, and on hospital and imaging center operations. We discussed Telerays’ policy of performing only final (rather than preliminary) reads. I also asked him about the eventual inclusion of overseas radiologists and the applicability of the Telerays model to other specialties.

For more on Telerays, see my recent post.

October 20, 2008

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