Wake up and smell the melamine

From MedPage Today (Chinese Melamine Contamination Prompts 21-State Recall)

The FDA has announced that a second distributor of instant coffee products made in China issued a recall because of possible melamine contamination.

Sunny Maid Corporation is recalling Mr. Brown 3-in-1 powdered packets included in coffee mixes sold in 21 states. The product is packaged in plastic bags, each containing 30 packets.

Canned products, the company said, were not affected by the recall…

Last week, King Car Food Industrial recalled seven Mr. Brown instant coffee and tea products because of possible melamine contamination.

For my take on the melamine scandal and its implications see Melamine: It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

October 3, 2008

One thought on “Wake up and smell the melamine”

  1. At last-the name of a food made in China, containing melamine and sold in the US.
    This melamine info has been out a number of weeks and the cloak of secrecry for the corporations has been so effective that this is the first mention of a melamine containing food sold in the US-Snickers was mentioned-but the article implied not sold in US. What are others ???
    Many thanks for the info.

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