Head out and vote!

Remember a few years ago when everyone was lamenting the low voter turnout and level of engagement in the US? That seems to be done with now. No matter who wins today, I’m very pleased with the level of involvement of voters during this election cycle.

I’m not making an overall endorsement, but if your deciding issue is health care, I recommend voting for Barack Obama. His proposals are rational, thoughtful and practical. They build on the existing system to expand coverage, promote quality and (possibly) control costs. McCain’s plan is more radical –effectively tearing down the existing employer-sponsored system in favor of the individual market. It’s not likely to work.

I started writing a series comparing the candidates’ views (starting with Part 1 here) but abandoned the project because so many other people started writing about the same thing and I decided I didn’t have that much to add.

Happy voting!

November 4, 2008

One thought on “Head out and vote!”

  1. Did my civic duty this morning here in Boston as did many others. Never seen the voting station so busy before and I’ve been voting there for nearly 20yrs.

    Great turn-out that will be reflected across the country. Honestly, the most important presidential election for me since I cast my first ballot for Jimmy Carter.

    And agree, Obama’s healthcare plan is fair more rational and thoughtful, though I do not think we”ll see much movement on it for the first 18-24 months – too many bigger issues to deal with initially.

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