Cavalcade of Risk #70

Health Business Blog welcomes you to Cavalcade of Risk #70!

Close enough for government work?

Healthcare Technology News wonders whether today’s electronic health record (EHR) systems are good enough to deserve government funding. MAeHC Blog complains that the health care IT bill working itself through Congress withholds 90 percent of the funding till 2011, under the assumption that today’s systems aren’t up to snuff.

Healthcare Economist says that a government-sponsored prevention-only health plan has merit, but overall he can’t endorse it.

Will they won’t they?

We might have major health reform this year if Pelosi and pals push it through, according to The TreatmentManaged Care Matters is less sanguine –until and unless a broad consensus emerges.

When a worker is injured on the job, worker’s comp will pay for medical care and temporary wage replacement. Or will it? Check out Worker’s Comp Insider for details.

Risky schemes

High Variance explains the difference between risk and uncertainty. Conclusion: maybe the government should insure bad debts rather than nationalizing the banking system. Meanwhile Disease Management Care Blog differentiates “insurance risk” and “performance risk.”

Scott Wright’s Security Views suggests how to pose security questions to someone who calls you.

Quovax has a surefire method to spot companies that are ticking time bombs: outrageous comp for top execs.

Tribune is trying to stay together in bankruptcy to preserve a tax shelter, opines My Simple Trading System.

Issac Yassar says multi-level marketing schemes are scams and should be avoided. Funny that the context-specific ads on his site advertise free kits for instant government grants (“Get all the government grant money you need with this free grant kit!“)

Cars, pets and seminal analysis

Is pet insurance necessary? Insurance Toolbox says maybe. Bargaineering isn’t sure.

Want a reasonable car insurance premium? Skip the Hummer and go for the minivan, CrackInsurance advises.

If car makers have to suck up to Congress admitting that they screwed up and presenting plans to fix the mess, shouldn’t governors have to do the same for Medicaid? Some Republicans in Congress and Cato at Liberty think it’s perfectly logical.

Colorado Health Insurance Insider is not buying the argument that hair loss and infertility can be equated.

Good news and bad news

Coffee may help prevent Alzheimer’s, according to InsureBlog. After downing a cup, resist the urge to clean up your breath with mouthwash, an activity that may send your oral cancer risk skyrocketing, writes Raw Chef Dan.

A depression is a bad time to get cancer, especially if you’re counting on someone else to pay for treatment. Read all about it in The MedHealth Blog.

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January 28, 2009

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