Meet the incompetent commie, aka David Williams of the Health Business Blog

Ezra Klein of The American Prospect was kind enough to link to my post on waiting lists in the US (Patient without a name, Waitlist without a number). (Maybe he was attracted by the literary reference.) In any case, Klein’s link proceeded to draw abusive comments and was then the subject of a post on Kayak2U Blog entitled Learning disabled. You will get some comic relief from reading the whole post, but here’s a taste:

Ezra Klein neatly encapsulates the sum total of his vapid incompetence in a single line link reference:

But I thought, in the U.S, we don’t have waiting lines!

Klein’s link goes to a David E. Williams, a medical biz consultant, who purports to undermine the argument that socialist health care leads to rationing and waiting lines by alleging that people in the U.S. already have to wait for health care.  (Briefly, let me point out that aside from any tangential arguments about whether socialist health care works better than free market care in some or any areas, the socialist model is morally wrong because it’s coercive at root and destructive of personal responsibility at the other end.  That it also, by most standards, fails, is merely ancillary.)  The trouble is, Klein either didn’t read past Williams’s shallow gloss, which seems like a stupid thing not to have done before shooting his mouth off, or he let bias cloud what little intellect he possesses, and failed to note the irony of trying to defend socialism by using examples of the failure of socialism, also not too smart.  Also, while it’s not preposterous to presume that Williams, whose business exists as a parasite of the health care industry, would stand to benefit from the institution of some sort of federally mandated health care scheme, Klein’s self-interest is a little harder to peg, but probably wells up out of that deep pool we call sheer ignorance.

The post is filed under “Commies” and “Incompetents.” At first that made me feel special, until I saw that many of the posts are tagged that way.

Kayak2U doesn’t seem to allow comments for some reason.

January 23, 2009

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