Another perspective on the vaccine/autism issue

From The New York Times (Court Says Vaccine Not to Blame for Autism)

In a blow to the movement arguing that vaccines lead to autism, a special court ruled on Thursday against three families seeking compensation from the federal vaccine-injury fund.

In a case pitting the family of Michelle Cedillo, a severely autistic child, against the Department of Health and Human Services, the judge ruled that the Cedillos had “failed to demonstrate that thimerosal-containing vaccines can contribute to causing immune dysfunction, or that the M.M.R. vaccine can contribute to causing either autism or gastrointestinal dysfunction.”

In his decision, the special master, George L. Hastings Jr., ruled that the government’s expert witnesses were “far better qualified, far more experienced and far more persuasive” than the Cedillos’. Although the family had to show only that the preponderance of evidence was on their side, Mr. Hastings ruled that the evidence was “overwhelmingly contrary” to their argument.

I asked SimulConsult founder Michael Segal MD PhD, a pediatric neurologist, for his opinion.

The 3 decisions were about the evidence in individual cases. They are not a decision that there is no possible role for vaccines in any cases of autism.

Our best model of vaccines and neurological damage seems to be SCN1A gene mutations, where it seems that seizures would have begun anyway but are more likely to occur in the days following vaccination. There can be a big difference between a trigger and a cause if triggers are so common as to be unavoidable, as they seem to be for SCN1A mutations.

It is unclear whether the situation for autism will be similar, but it is useful to have models in mind to figure out what is going on, and hopefully to find ways of preventing such deteriorations.

February 13, 2009

3 thoughts on “Another perspective on the vaccine/autism issue”

  1. we got six kids; no allergy no other extraordinary effects.

    No painkillers during pregnancy; mother stays with the babies until they are at least 3 years old ..

    Two things/ ideas: there is a theory that (all) painkillers inhibit growth of nerve endings.

    There is a theory that a baby needs a contact person for early development.

    Painkillers are popped like candy in the US society.

    Most US Mothers abandon thier babies for luxury or to work.

    May be the reasons are much simpler than mercury in traces in immunisation liquids ..

    The simple reasons are most times have the likeliness to be the cause of a problem .. we just need to be able to see them

  2. The insult in the vaccines is glutamate. No one is looking there, and I’m telling you that’s what it is. Excitoxicity is the name for the problem and it is a field of study going back 50 years. Glutamate is also greatly concentrated in processed wheat and dairy products. I can feed it to my infant, watch his speech disappear, take it away, and watch his speech come back 3 days later. His older autistic brother shows similar improvements, but has four year old habits and damage that make his recovery more arduous. I myself discovered my own glutamate sensitivity when I went on our GARD diet in a move of solidarity. Was a complete surprise. My cognition was altered for 37 years due to a glutamate sensitivity.

    Google Russell Blaylock, and download his study “Immune-Glutamatergic Dysfunction as a Central Mechanism of the Autistic Spectrum Disorders.” What he recommends in that study is what we had deduced and implemented in our own family two months before we had ever even heard of him. We identified glutamate as the common denominator in both boys’ many known allergies. We found his research after the fact, and looks to us, like the only physician out there who gets it.

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