Greetings from Transforming Healthcare 2009

Steve Wardell has pulled it off. Hundreds of people crowded into the ballroom at the Seaport Hotel in Boston for Transforming Healthcare 2009: Impact and Opportunity in the Obama Plan.

Steve kicked off the formal program by asking for a show of hands on some key questions:

  • Who works for an organization that is focused on reducing health care costs?
  • Who works for an organization that is focused on improving health care quality?
  • Who works for an organization that’s doing both?

Steve was surprised when the majority of audience members raised their hands for all three questions.

I wasn’t so surprised about that, actually. People are probably being honest about their answers, and yet somehow costs have continued rising and quality is still so-so.

There are plenty of possible explanations:

  • An enthusiastic crowd wanting to respond positively
  • Everyone’s only recently gotten religion so we haven’t seen the impact yet
  • Everyone is working in their own silo, and improvements in cost and quality in niches are not translating into systematic improvements
February 26, 2009

One thought on “Greetings from Transforming Healthcare 2009”

  1. Unless all these siloed applications are able to talk to each other and the data can move from one application to another in a seamless manner, I don’t see how the costs can come down. Yes, we have EHRs but everytime we touch them to send the medical records from Provider A to B and B to C,it amounts to a “non-value” adding activity in the healthcare value chain costing time, money and some times precious lives.

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